B. Sc (Hon’s) in Knitwear Manufacture & Technology – KMT

B. Sc (Hon’s) in Knitwear Manufacture & Technology – KMT
Starts from:Sun, September 30, 2018 1:30PM - 2:00PM
Campus Location

House No# 01, Road No# 01, Sector# 06,Uttara,Bangladesh

Course Structure
  • Total Credits 160 + Internship
  • Duration 4 Years 8 Semesters
  • Eligibility Criteria HSC or Equivalent
  • Passing Grade Min. CGPA of 2.50 in a scale of 4.00.
  • Campus House No# 01, Road No# 01, Sector# 06, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Class Description

Objectives:B.Sc. Program in Apparel Manufacture & Technology is a four- year course designed to provide the students with a sound foundation in the technology and managerial aspects of apparel manufacturing. To acquire B. Sc degree a student has to earn 148 credits from a combination of courses offered by PISFT. After successful completion of this program a student will be professionally competent to choose his/her career as Quality Assurance Manager, Sample Room Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Industrial Engineer, Merchandiser, Production Manager, Factory Manager, and Compliance Manager in the RMG sector at home and abroad.

First Year, 1st semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditRemarks
KMT 101Introduction to Knitwear Business in Bangladesh3
KMT 102Introduction of Textile Fiber3
AS 101Basic Science: Physics3
AS 102Basic Science: Chemistry3
KMT 103Elements of Design3
AS 103English Foundation Course: Part-I3
KMT 104Textile and Garment Factory visit: Knit based1
Total = 19

First Year, 2nd semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditRemarks
KMT 105Knit Yarn Production3
KMT 106Knit Yarn Production-Lab1
KMT 107Knitting Technology3
KMT 108Knitting Machine and Attachment3
AS 104English Foundation Course: Part-II3
AS 105Basic Science: Mathematics3
BUS 101Introduction to Economics3
Total = 19

Second Year, 1st semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditRemarks
KMT 209Knit Fabric Study3
KMT 210Clothing Materials and Techniques3
KMT 211Bodice and Variations-Knit based3
KMT 212Cutting Room Technology3
AS 206Fundamentals of Computer Science3
AS 207Research Method and Statistics3
BUS 202Principles of Marketing3
Total = 21

Second Year, 2nd semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditRemarks
KMT 213Knit Dyeing Technology3
KMT 214Knit Dyeing Technology-Lab1
KMT 215Knit Printing and Finishing Technology3
KMT 216Knit Printing and Finishing Technology- Lab1
KMT 217Apparel Production System Analysis: Knit based3
KMT 218Pattern Grading3
KMT 219Sewing Technology
BUS 203Human Resource Management3
Total = 17

Third Year, 1st Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditRemarks
KMT 320Basic Knitwear Production3
KMT 321Knitwear Ornamentation3
KMT 322Variations of Bottoms and Dresses3
KMT 323Sewing Construction and Techniques3
KMT 324Apparel Engineering: Knit based3
AS 308Bangladesh Studies3
BUS 304Production Planning2
Total = 20

Third Year, 2nd Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditRemarks
KMT 325Testing of Knit Textiles3
KMT 326CAD in Knitwear2
BUS 305Store Room Management3
BUS 306Consumption and Costing of Knitwear2
BUS 307Computer for Managers (E-Biz)3
KMT 327Sewing Machine Engineering and Attachment3
BUS 308Consumer Behavior3
Total = 19

Fourth Year, 1st Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditRemarks
BUS 409Quality Control Management3
KMT 428Product Development3
KMT 429Cut and Sew of Knitwear3
BUS 410Tools and Techniques of Merchandisers2
BUS 411ISO and Compliances3
BUS 412Production and Operation Management2
KMT 430Fully Fashioned Knitwear Manufacture2
Total = 18

Fourth Year, 2nd Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditRemarks
KMT 431Environment and Pollution Control2
BUS 413Principle and Practice of Export Import Business3
BUS 414Fashion & Textile Brand Management2
BUS 415Advance Quality Control Management3
KMT 432Finishing Room: Wash and Care label3
KMT 433Problem and Prospect of the RMG (Knit based) related Industries in Bangladesh2
KMT 434Internship3
Total = 18

Elective Subjects (any three):

CodeCourse TitleCreditRemarks
EL 001E-Merchandising3
EL 002Industrial Apparel Washing3
EL 003Principle of Accounting3
EL 004International Merchandising Strategies2
EL 005Principle of Management3
EL 006International Trade and Commercial Transaction3
EL 007Color and Fabric Study3
Total = 20

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