B. Sc (Hon’s) Textile Science & Technology TST

B. Sc (Hon’s) Textile Science & Technology TST
Starts from:Sun, September 30, 2018 1:30PM - 2:00PM
Campus Location

House No# 01, Road No# 01, Sector# 06,Uttara,Bangladesh

Course Structure
  • Total Credits 168 + Internship
  • Duration 4 Years 8 Semesters
  • Eligibility Criteria HSC or Equivalent
  • Passing Grade Min. CGPA of 2.50 in a scale of 4.00.
  • Campus House No# 01, Road No# 01, Sector# 06, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Class Description

Objectives:B.Sc. Program in B.Sc. in Textile Engineering is a four -year course designed to provide the students with a sound foundation in the technology and managerial aspects of Textile manufacturing. To acquire B. Sc degree a student has to earn 154 credits from a combination of course offered by PISFT. After successful completion of this program a student will be professionally competent to choose his career as Textile Engineer, Quality Assurance Manager, Sample Room Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Industrial Engineer, Merchandiser, Production Manager, Factory Manager, Compliance Manager in the primary Textile and RMG sector at home and abroad.

First Year, 1st Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditsRemarks
TST 101Textile Raw Materials-I3
AE 101Engineering Drawing-I3
AS 101English Communication3
AS 102Chemistry-I3
AS 103Chemistry-I Lab1
AS 104Physics-I3
AS 105Physics-I Lab1
AS 106Mathematics-I3
TST 102Introduction of Textiles2
Total : 22

First Year, 2nd Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditsRemarks
TST 103Fundamentals of Polymer Science3
AE 102Mechanics of Materials3
AE 103Workshop Practice1
AE 104Engineering Drawing-II1
AS 107Physics-II3
AS 108Physics-II-Lab1
AS 109Chemistry-II3
AS 110Chemistry-II-Lab1
AS 111Mathematics-II3
Total = 19

Second Year, 1st Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditsRemarks
TST 204Textile Raw Materials-II3
TST 205Yarn Manufacturing Technology-I3
TST 206Yarn Manufacturing Technology-I Lab1
TST 207Fabric Manufacturing Technology-I3
TST 208Fabric Manufacturing Technology-I Lab1
AE 205Elements of Theory of Machines & Machine Design3
AS 212Statistics3
AE 206Fundamentals of Computer Science3
Total = 20

Second Year, 2nd Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditsRemarks
TST 209Wet Processing Technology-I3
TST 210Wet Processing Technology- I Lab1
TST 211Apparel Manufacturing Technology-I3
TST 212Apparel Manufacturing Technology-I Lab1
TST 213Textile Testing & Quality Control-I3
TST 214Textile Testing & Quality Control-I Lab1
TST 215Textile Physics-I2
AE 207Elements of Electrical Engg. & Electronics3
AE 208Elements of Electrical Engg. & Electronics Lab1
Total = 18

Third Year, 1st Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditsRemarks
TST 316Yarn Manufacturing Technology-II3
TST 317Yarn Manufacturing Technology-II Lab1
TST 318Fabric Manufacturing Technology-II3
TST 319Fabric Manufacturing Technology-II Lab1
TST 320Textile Testing & Quality Control-II3
TST 321Textile Testing & Quality Control-II Lab1
TST 322Fabric Structure & Design3
TST 323Fabric Structure & Design Lab1
TST 324Textile Physics-II2
Total = 18

Third Year, 2nd Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditsRemarks
TST 325Wet Processing Technology-II3
TST 326Wet Processing Technology-II Lab1
TST 327Apparel Technology-II3
TST 328Apparel Technology-II Lab1
TST 329Technical Textiles3
AE 309Elements of Mechanical Engineering3
AE 310Elements of Mechanical Engineering Lab1
BUS 301Industrial Management3
Total = 18

Fourth Year, 1st Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditsRemarks
TST 430Management & Maintenance of Textile Machinery3
TST 431
Yarn Manufacturing Technology-III (Optional)
Any one with its Lab
TST 432Yarn Manufacturing Technology-III Lab1?
TST 433Fabric Manufacturing Technology-III (Optional)

TST 434
Fabric Manufacturing Technology-III Lab

TST 435

Wet Processing Technology-III (Optional)
TST 436Wet Processing Technology-III Lab1?
TST 437
Garments Technology-III (Optional)3?
TST 438Garments Technology-III Lab1Any one with its Lab
TST 439Special Yarn Production (Optional)2Any One
TST 440Special Fabric Production (Optional)2?
TST 441Special Wet Processing (Optional)2?
TST 442Special Apparel Production (Optional)2Any One
BUS 402Production Planning & Control3
BUS 403Sociology and Industrial Organizational Psychology3
TST 443Environment and Pollution Control3
Total = 18

Fourth Year, 2nd Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditRemarks
TST 444Textile Testing & Quality Control-III3
TST 445Yarn Manufacturing Technology-IV (Optional)3Anyone with Lab
TST 446Yarn Manufacturing Technology-IV Lab1"
TST 447Fabric Manufacturing Technology-IV (Optional)3"
TST 448Fabric Manufacturing Technology-IV Lab1"
TST 449Wet Processing Technology-IV (Optional)3"
TST 450Wet Processing Technology-IV Lab1"
TST 451Apparel Manufacturing Technology-IV (Optional)3"
TST 452Apparel Manufacturing Technology-IV Lab1Anyone with Lab
TST 453Application of Computer in YMT3Any One
TST 454Application of Computer in FMT3"
TST 455Application of Computer in WPT3"
TST 456Application of Computer in GMT3Any One
BUS 404Accounting and Marketing3
TST 457Project work3
TST 458Industrial Training3
Total = 18

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