Professional BBA

Professional BBA
Starts from:Sun, September 30, 2018 1:30PM - 2:00PM
Campus Location

House No# 01, Road No# 01, Sector# 06,Uttara,Bangladesh

Course Structure
  • Total Credits 120 + Internship
  • Duration 4 Years 8 Semesters
  • Eligibility Criteria HSC or Equivalent
  • Passing Grade Min. CGPA of 2.50 in a scale of 4.00.
  • Campus House No# 01, Road No# 01, Sector# 06, Uttara, Dhaka-1230
Class Description

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Program aims at enabling students to acquire and practice state-of-the-art business and management knowledge and skills, thereby helping them become outstanding business leaders in the highly dynamic global environment of the 21st century.

The program prepares students for entry-level managerial positions and will equip them with knowledge and skills such that they will be able to advance to executive and senior positions in any organization. The program concentrates on Accounting, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Marketing, E-business, Human Resource Management, Computer Information Management, and Entrepreneurship.

These specializations will enable graduates to seek jobs in functional areas, such as marketing, finance, human resources and operations of organizations or in specific activities like accounting, information system and e-business, or to pursue a business career as an entrepreneur.
The course will cover Accounting practice of specialized organizations such as banks, NGOs, Development Organizations, Government Agencies etc. The globalization of markets, both financial and physical, has increased the importance of understanding the international dimensions of corporate Activities.

The course will give students the opportunity to learn about diverse financial reporting practices and the reasons for such diversities as well as applying this knowledge in the context of the review and analysis of firm’s performance by analysts, investors, and managers.

At a corporate level, the course will also offer an appreciation of the significance of foreign exchange and of the tools and techniques for the management of its risks. The program is strongly oriented towards practical application, rather than theory. It is a combination of academic content adapted for the experienced working professional, coupled with extensive academic and industry related exposure.

First Year, 1st semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
BUS 1101Introduction of Business3100
BUS 1101Principal of Accounting3100
BUS 1101Introduction to Computer3100
BUS 1101Business Mathematics3100
BUS 1101English3100
Total = 15

First Year, 2nd semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
BUS 1201Business communication3100
BUS 1202Intermediate Accounting3100
BUS 1203Principal of management3100
BUS 1204Micro economics3100
BUS 1205Business Statistics 13100
Total = 15

Second, 1st semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
BUS 2101Principal of finance3100
BUS 2102Principal of Marketing3100
BUS 2103Organizational Behavior3100
BUS 2104Macro Economics3100
BUS 2105Business Statistics II3100
Total = 15

Second Year, 2nd Semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
BUS 2201Insurance & Risk Management3100
BUS 2202Cost Accounting3100
BUS 2203Computer Programming3100
BUS 2204Business Law I3100
BUS 2205Theory and practice of Banking3100
Total = 15

Third year, 1st semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
BUS 3101Business and Society3100
BUS 3102Auditing3100
BUS 3103Taxation in Bangladesh3100
BUS 3104Business Law II3100
BUS 3105Bangladesh Studies3100
Total = 15

Third year, 2nd semester

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BUS 3201Financial Management3100
BUS 3202Entrepreneurship Development3100
BUS 3203International Business3100
BUS 3204Marketing Management3100
BUS 3205Production Management3100
Total = 15

Fourth year, 1st semester

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
BUS 4101Human Resource Management3100
BUS 4102Management Accounting3100
BUS 4103Project Management3100
BUS 4104Strategic Management3100
BUS 4105Management Information System3100
Total = 15

Fourth Year, 2nd Semester: Accounting Major

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
ACC 4201Accounting Theory3100
ACC 4202Financial Statement Accounting3100
ACC 4203Specialized Accounting3100
ACC 4204Corporate Reporting and Discloser3100
ACC 4205Viva and Project Paper Defense3100
Total = 15

Fourth Year, 2nd Semester: Management major

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
MGT 4201Management Though3100
MGT 4202Industrial Relation Conflict Management3100
MGT 4203Corporative Management3100
MGT 4204Industrial Psychology3100
MGT 4205Viva And Project paper Defense3100
Total = 15

Fourth Year, 2nd Semester: Finance major

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
FIN 4201Financial Analysis3100
FIN 4202Security Analysis & portfolio Management3100
FIN 4203Financial markets & Institutions3100
FIN 4204Public Finance3100
FIN 4205Viva And Project paper Defense3100
Total = 15

Fourth Year, 2nd Semester: Marketing major

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
MKT 4201Customer Behavior3100
MKT 4202Marketing Research3100
MKT 4203Marketing Promotion3100
MKT 4204International Marketing3100
MKT 4205Viva And Project paper Defense3100
Total = 15

Fourth Year, 2nd Semester: Information System major

CodeCourse TitleCreditMark
INF: 4201E-Commerce Strategies in Business3100
INF: 4202Information System &Analysis Design3100
INF: 4203Systems Analysis &Design3100
INF: 4204Programming techniques for Business3100
INF: 4205Viva And Project paper Defense3100
Total = 15

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